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Dr. Roark is a practicing small animal veterinarian in Greenville, SC. His medical interests include surgery, geriatric medicine, and ultrasonography.


Dr. Roark is a national award-winning columnist for DVM360, and a regular contributor to He also writes frequently for a number of other publications.


Dr. Roark’s sessions are designed to create the most valuable experience possible for veterinarians, practice managers, staff members, and other professionals serving the veterinary industry.


Dr. Roark’s enthusiasm for life, pets, and practice shines through in his engaging and often hilarious videos.


Veterinarians know Dr. Andy Roark from his speaking engagements and articles in journals like DVM360, Veterinary Team Brief, and Veterinary Economics. Pet owners across the country are meeting him through popular web videos, publications such as HealthyPet magazine and, and social media. Closer to home, pets and their families know him simply as Dr. Roark from Cleveland Park Animal Hospital, where he lives out his life’s passion for working with animals. Dr. Roark’s love of teaching, research background, and boundless energy make him an exciting voice in veterinary medicine and pet healthcare.

Dr. Roark combines his experiences as a practicing veterinarian with the latest in educational approaches and research in the fields of positive psychology, behavioral psychology, leadership, and communication to create lectures and articles that are engaging, humorous, and valuable. A sampling of his work is collected here; feel free to get in touch for more.


  • Outstanding pet healthcare results from committed, educated pet owners working together with communicative, efficient veterinary teams.
  • Interpersonal relationships and effective planning are two of the most important differentiating factors in delivering excellent patient care.
  • Every member of the veterinary team has the potential to make a significant difference in the care pets receive, to become a leader within the veterinary practice, and to improve the performance of those around them.
  • Everyone in the veterinary field owes it to our profession, our patients, and ourselves to keep growing and learning throughout our careers.